The lost vest - Canning Street Carlton

Tania purchased her lovely vest a month ago and while riding to work a week or so ago had lost it out of her basket. 

Oh no

The immediate reaction was 'oh no', and Tania really wanted to get it back and thought someone may have seen it as they were riding along Canning St.

Nicely designed

A lot of thought went into the sign and it was deliberately made thin as there are a lot of thin poles around.

Some good news

Around the same time someone stole her bike light and tried to damage the fixed light headlamp all in the same month. So after these incidents Tania wanted some good news and hopefully get her vest back.

The local cycling community

Tania also posted the lost pic photo on Facebook cyclists in Melbourne, particularly along the Canning St route, they may know each other through their networks and hopefully someone may see it and pass it onto someone else or mention it and it gets to the right person.

The cycle of life

Our friend here was cycling along Canning St and one day and found a bike light that had popped off somebody's bike and ended up using it for approximately a year and a half.

Then one day he realised it was not there and it must have popped off. He hopes that someone else is getting good use from the bike light.

So if you have found the vest...

Maybe we can finish the story with a happy ending