Our Neighbourly Ride community

Everyone has different experiences of Neighbourly Ride. They are often looking to meet people, build confidence, get back on their bike, find safe cycling routes, ride with others, feel safer in a group, learn how to ride to work and explore the local area.

Personal Benefits

Recent rides

Personal experiences

Why locals come on Neighbourly Rides
Kate and Ted
Gaining confidence riding on bike paths and roads
Build confidence after buying a new bike
Suzy and Shelby
Exploring and finding local places to ride with locals
Peter and Jenny
A good excuse to get back on the bike
Megan and Di
Getting back on the bike
Virginie, Morgan and Kids
Meeting other families and kids to go riding with
Ricky, Hiren & Riddhi
Safer, more fun and knowing where to ride
Need some exercise to start moving again
Alex and Pauline
Building confidence by riding with a group

Community experiences

Neighbourly groups riding together

Port Melbourne

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