More rides = More rewards

Complete x3 Neighbourly Rides

Choose from the following rewards
Free coffee

Complete x13 Neighbourly Rides

Receive a day pass at Peninsula Hot Springs
Peninsula Hot 
Springs Day Pass

Rewarding riders for regular participation helpsthem make positive changes to their lives.

Helps your mind & body

• Mental and physical health
• Creates a sense of belonging
• People feel connected
• Meet new friends
• Reverses loneliness & isolation

Helps you discover:

• How to ride a bike safely
• The safe routes in the area
• The community facilities nearby
• The services you can cycle to
• Where the green space is

Our Reward Winners

Mary Johnson wins a Peninsula Hot Springs 
Day Pass

After participating in Neighbourly Ride thirteen times, Mary is the first to win a day pass relaxing at the Peninsula Hot Springs.

Our Reward Partners

Interested in being a local Rewards Partner?

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