Velo Cycles is a friendly, community-oriented bike store located on the Capital City Trail, one of Melbourne’s busiest cycle paths. We sell a wide variety of bikes, parts and accessories, and provide high-quality servicing for any bike, trike or unicycle you may wheel into the store. Click here for information about servicing.
Our philosophy is of everyday bikes for everyday. We focus mainly on commuting, lifestyle, touring and kids bikes, with a modest selection of performance-oriented bikes. We ride our bikes every day. Click here to view our range of bikes.
We pride ourselves on our customer service. Our philosophy is to find the right bike for each rider. It isn’t rocket science; we ask you what you want from your bike, and find a selection of bikes that suit your needs and purposes. We don’t just try and sell you the fastest and most expensive bike, we’ll help you work out the right bike for you.

We’re open extended hours, and 7 days a week.

We strongly believe in the health and environmental benefits of cycling, and we do our best to make cycling accessible and enjoyable to all who walk through our doors, regardless of their age, ability or gender. We sell bikes to everyone from beginners to those planning a cross-continental journey, and we have the products and expertise to get you moving, wherever you want to go.


The building that Velo Cycles now occupies was formerly a Video Ezy (to give you an idea of how the times have changed), before Velo opened its doors in 2009. Since then, the business has played a significant role in keeping the people of the northern suburbs pedalling, as well as supporting local school fetes, cycling groups and community events.

Velo Cycles started a new chapter in 2013 when it opened Velo Electric & Folding, a sister store less than 200 metres down Nicholson Street from our main store. It has since become one of Melbourne’s premier destinations for electric bikes, as well as Australia’s largest Brompton dealer, and the only ‘Premier Store’.  The next logical step was to work with Brompton, an so in Dec 2018 we split the store, one half being Velo Electric and the other is now the Southern Hemisphere’s first Brompton flagship store, Brompton Junction Melbourne.

Velo Cycles supports Carlton North in their local communities. This support is invaluable to the sustainability of Neighbourly Ride  and bringing together these communities through their connections.


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Capital City Trail, 815 Nicholson Street,
Carlton North, 3054
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