Tania purchased her lovely vest a month ago and while riding to work a week or so ago had lost it out of her basket. 

Oh no

The immediate reaction was 'oh no', and Tania really wanted to get it back and thought someone may have seen it as they were riding along Canning St.

Nicely designed

A light of thought went into the sign and it was deliberately made thin as there are a lot of thin poles around.

Some good news

Around the same time someone stole her bike light and tried to damage the fixed light headlamp all in the same month. So after these incidents Tania wanted some good news and hopefully gets her vest back.

 The local cycling community

Tania also posted the lost pic photo on Facebook as cyclists in Melbourne, particularly along the Canning St route may know each other through their networks and hopefully someone may see it and pass it onto someone else or mention it and it gets to a person who may have found it.

The cycle of life

Our friend here was cycling along Canning St and one day found a bike light that had popped off some bodies bike and ended up using it for approximately a year and a half.

Then one day he realised it was not there and must have popped off and hopes that someone else is getting good use from the bike light.

So if you have found the vest...

Maybe we can finish the story with a happy ending

Left to right - Matilda, Patterson & Garth

Garth and his daughter Matilda simply love to ride together. Although Garth officially introduced his daughter to riding at an early age of four, Matilda took to the hobby before she turned four, when she used to ride balanced bikes. This young rider is extremely passionate about her hobby and has all the support of her father. Neighbourly Ride proudly welcomes its new faces – Garth and Matilda, and is delighted to share the riding stories of this father-daughter duo.

Matilda – the active kid

She is just eight, and she already likes to ride her bike like a pro. She knows her sport, and everything that comes along with it. But, it’s not just cycling which keeps her occupied. When it comes to physical tasks, Matilda is an active kid. She is part of a large swimming club and does three and half hours of swimming every week. Now that’s one fit kid.

Enjoying Beaches with Father

Usually, Garth and Matilda like to explore new trails together and pedal their bikes along the explored paths. But at other times, they would simply visit the eastern beach and enjoy salty waves with winds carrying taste of seaweeds. As for Matilda, she loves the smell of the beach and enjoys some quiet time watching the water and the ducks.

Tandem Fun - now its Paterson's turn

Matilda, Coralie, Garth & Patterson

Garth and his daughter started out on tandem, and now it’s her brother Patterson, who takes her place on it. Six years old Patterson loves tagging along with his sister and father while she rides on the front. Though Patterson does get to ride his own bike, he prefers the tandem over his own.

Powering down Canning St - Carlton

When asked why, Garth gleefully states that since Matilda loves to stay ahead on a trail, her brother prefers to ride along with her on the tandem as it allows him to keep up with her.

Cadel Evans Road Race

Both Garth and Matilda are diehard fans of Cadel Evans Road Race. They both pedal their ways to the barriers and watch riders come out of those barriers to race their way through this exciting event. The duo even won a bike once and got a chance to meet Cadel Evans.

But Garth pleads guilty as Matilda blames her father for leaving his phone at home and missing their chance to meet the legendary rider. They can’t stop smiling when they remember how they were standing right behind Evans when they were being called to collect their bike.

Matilda cheers for girls

When asked about her expectations from the memorable racing event, Matilda straightaway declares her support for girls and how she wishes that girls take the lead. She says she would love to see girls doing better at the race than boys.

As a passionate rider, Matilda is disappointed that there aren’t many girls who go for riding, and that she would love to see girls get their bikes and get out riding. Matilda thinks it’s a great hobby to have and that more and more girls should be encouraged to participate.

As of now, she picks up her next door neighbor Telly and then she has Pipers around the corner. All three of them share the common love for biking and often go racing along the northern shores of Geelong.

Spring & Autumn - Matilda’s Biking Seasons

Though seasons generally don’t bother Garth, Matilda prefers riding during spring and autumn as she finds winter to be too cold and summers to be too hot. Although she does ride during summers, she confesses to be more comfortable on her bike during the pleasant breezes of spring and crispy mornings of autumn.

Big Aspirations

A brief stop outside King & Godfrey's in Carlton

Matilda hopes to be among one of the racers of Cadel Evans, and Garth offers his relentless support to the big aspirations of his daughter. Both father and daughter hope that the latter would even win a trophy at the race on which Garth jokes on Matilda being cheered by the crowd and sprayed with champagne.

Going for Neighbourly Rides & sharing the fun

Our Neighbourly ride in Geelong north shore will be starting soon, thanks to Garth and his young daughter Matilda. The main drive for Garth to put his effort and energy into starting one was to share his experience, fun and love for riding with others. 

For Garth, riding and exploring areas with his kids gives him opportunity to spend some quality time with them, and he wishes others to experience the same joy. As for Matilda, it’s more about encouraging young girls to go for riding and make them more active and fit like her, while Patterson is all about enjoying his share of fun in the tandem.

Health benefits

Regular physical activity has been associated with numerous health benefits including improved control of blood glucose and management of type 2 diabetes; reduced risk of type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and premature death; lower blood pressure and fat levels; and reduced rates of some forms of cancer, depression and osteoporosis. The benefits of regular physical activity are numerous which can be gained regardless of whether you lose weight or not.

Biological changes

Image: ESG Fitness https://www.instagram.com/esgfitness

The reasons why regular exercise is an effective way to improve blood glucose control and type 2 diabetes management and reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes is because exercise increases the activity of receptors within the muscle that are responsible for transporting glucose uptake from the blood into the muscles that will help to reduce blood glucose levels. Exercise also helps to build and maintain muscle mass that increases the capacity for blood glucose uptake.

Australia’s national physical activity guidelines recommended being active on most, preferably all, days of the week and to accumulate at least 150 minutes of moderate-vigorous physical activity each week . Bicycling that uses large muscle groups is a great form of exercise to achieve this. Walking, jogging/running and swimming are other great options.

It is also recommended to do muscle strengthening activities – also known as resistance exercise or weight training, on at least 2 days per week. This type of exercise typically involves overloading the muscles with some type of resistance such as body weight exercises, circuit training, pilates, lifting weights or using stretch bands.

Type of exercise 

Research shows that the most effective way to improve insulin sensitivity and improve blood glucose control that will help to reduce risk of type 2 diabetes is by combining moderate-vigorous aerobic exercise and resistance exercise throughout the week.

In addition to participating in sufficient regular physical activity, research shows that independent of the overall amount of physical activity you do, the amount of time spent sitting and sedentary behavior is an independent risk factor for the risk of type 2 diabetes. This is because muscle cells are constantly sensing and responding to their environment, and the muscle contractions that occur each time we move induces signals in the muscles that stimulate glucose uptake. Thus, the amount of muscle contractions  and inactivity over the whole day counts. It is great to break up long periods of sitting as often as possible

Kindly contributed by “Professor Grant Brinkworth, PhD, MBA
Principal Research Scientist in Clinical Nutrition and Exercise Science CSIRO
Health & Biosecurity

Effects of sitting

Professor Neville Owen, Head of the Behavioural Epidemiology laboratory at the Baker Heart & Diabetes Institute in Melbourne strongly endorses bicycle use for good physical health, for recreation and for everyday transportation. Riding a bike is not only good for our health,  but also good for the planet.

Every time we get on the bicycle, we accrue more health-enhancing aerobic physical activity. And, if we ride up hills and get off the saddle. we also get some very good resistance activity. And, spending less time in cars burning fossil fuels is good for planetary health. It also means that we spend less time sitting. 

Research at the Baker Institute has shown that prolonged periods of time spent sitting can have adverse affects on our metabolic health, increasing our risk of diabetes and heart disease.

Contributed by Professor Neville Owen
Head, Behavioural Epidemiology Laboratory
Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute

National Physical Activity Guidelines

Children and Young people (5-17 years)

Adults (18-64 years)

The current situation of people meeting national Guidelines - 2017/2018 

National Health Survey: First Results, 2017-18 of people undertaking 150 minutes or more of exercise

Source - Australian Bureau of Statistics

Enjoying a coffee post ride

Supporting Neighbourly Rides

Neighbourly Ride - Carlton North -MAP

To be updated


Supporting Neighbourly Rides

Neighbourly Ride - Carlton North -MAP

To be updated

To update

The weather gods were kind

Saturday - the day before
Sunday - 3:40am, 6:00am & 9:40am

We were extremely lucky as the lovely clear blue skies from Saturday and a brief interruption of rain early Sunday morning that magically cleared just long enough between 8:00am - 2:00pm before returning latter in the afternoon.

At the very start

At first we set up indoors within the Brunswick Cycling Clubrooms that was very cosy and protected from the the gusty winds.
People enjoyed a fine Genovese coffee carefully crafted by Agostino Giramondo, the President of Brunswick Cycling Club.
As the winds dissipated, we moved everything outdoors 

Cycle Galleria's bike checks

We were very fortunate top have Cycles Galleria attending with Leena Kate-James and bicycle mechanic Kian Lerh-McKinnon who helped a steady stream of willing participants learning some new tips & tricks 

Left to Right State MP Tim Read, Leeana Kate-James, Deputy Lord Mayor Cr Mark Riley 

Whether you had a big wheel or little wheels, everyone braved the wet roads and bike tracks to join our opening.

One by one they rolled in

Making new friends & connections 

Learning new things about bikes

Brunswick Cycling Clubs President on being a community based club

Agostino Giramondo, the President of Brunswick Cycling Club spoke about sharing similar values of people getting on bikes, whether you are wearing lycra or not. 

That the velodrome was built ion the 1950's jas a training track for the 1956 Olympics with the club being formed in 1916.
The pavilion of the club is named after Alf Walker who was a junior but made his name as an official, some other notable members include Pop Stewart who never actually rode a bike but made a tremendous contribution to the sport. So be to be involved in the sport you just don't have to be a rider but have a love to watch people getting out there, being on bikes and having a great time.

It's a mental health machine
It gets you out and helps you forget about the stresses of life as its just you and the bike and we you add other people it does so much for your well being.

There is a junior clinic (from 6th October) with sometimes 70 - 80 kids with parents who are having a great time on the bike and 'you will understand that we don't take our selves too seriously, we don't have programs, if you enjoy the sport, you will continue to do it until you are too old not to'.

Deputy Lord Mayor - Cr Mark Riley

Spoke about growing up in West Gippsland in a family of 6 who taught each other to ride and remembers falling off many times in his front hard before getting his balance and riding outside of the house.

A growing city
An extra 50k people will move into the City of Moreland by 2026 which is creating lots of opportunities for businesses having more people coming to them. This also brings the challenges of an extra 32k motor vehicles or 34 MCG's worth of additional parking space or 70 Brunswick velodromes. This involved council spending 450k in developing their Moreland Integrated Transport Strategy (MITS) with it being adopted earlier this year.

People on foot, people on bikes and other wheeled vehicles that are not motorised (or have no throttle - E Bikes), Public transport followed by the car.
The biggest open space are the road ways being taking up by tarmac and concrete and mostly taken up by cars parking there taking up that valuable public space. It's about turning this public space into more community space, this includes temporary bike parking popups outside cafes and businesses.

Fortunately Moreland has some of the biggest uptake of commuting cycling in the city. That these types of rides are really important in supporting these initiatives and all of the stategic directions in getting people out and active, riding and sharing community. 

Programs to get people on their bikes
A great community initiative is  a local resident in John St Brunwick who recycles bikes and makes them freely available to borrow by signing in when you wish to to use them.
Also Moreland council is creating programs to get more women and children riding bikes, also with Neighbourly Ride partnering with Brunswick Cycling Club and local businesses, its about everyone working together.

Important safety Messages
The importance of wearing helmets in preventing acquired brain injury and wearing bright clothing, many people attending the ride had floor jackets, 'flouro is the new black'.

Reflective braces supplied by the TAC

Creating awareness on shared paths by using the bike bell, or saying 'passing on your right'  to let people know that you re passing other riders and pedestrians.

A quick pre-ride brief from Martin Bower

The ride commences

A quick lap of the velodrome on the return

Enjoy a post ride sausage sizzle

Off home until the next Neighbourly Ride

Video of launch


With huge thanks

Nelson Alexander 
Who have generously supported us form the very beginning and their going commitment enables us to prosper 

Impact digital
In supporting our printing requirements that keeps many poles & posts company at night

Event Supporters

Cycles Galleria Brunswick
For bring their marquee, bike stand & tools, Leeana Kate-James  (whom we are honoured for spending her 40th Birthday weekend with us) &  Kian Lerh-McKinnon for looking after the riders bikes

Kapai Puku
Generously supplying 450g packets 

For the bread & rolls, the underrated partner in any successful sausage sizzle

The Town Meatery
Providing yummy sausages

Genovese Coffee
For the awesome coffee, we all love good coffee 

Brunswick Cycling Club
For being our first Champion and Agostino Giramondo  the President of Brunswick Cycling Club for believing in our little program

Local government support

Moreland City Council 
In helping to spread the word throughout the local community

Prize supporters

Nelson Alexander
For the Monopoly board game

400 Gradi  
For the generous restaurant voucher

Brunswick Cycling Club
For the great club caps and socks


Agostino Giramondo for believing in our ride and providing the Clubs support

Martin Bower for leading the inaugural ride & all of his support & the many volunteers from Brunswick Cycling Club

Special guests

Deputy Lord Mayor Cr Mark Riley 
For a passionate and informative speech on cycling in Moreland

MP Tim Read, local member for Brunswick
Who very generously supports so many community events  

And our many Local Business Supporters

Who have generously supported our new location, we understand it's a tough time for small business and we really appreciate you getting behind

To be updated

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