Social Inclusion Week aims to help all Australians feel included and valued, giving everyone the opportunity to participate fully in society.

Celebrate Social Inclusion Wek by holding or attending a socially inclusive event to raise awareness and fostering belonging in your local community

One of them simplest things we can do to build caring nd inclusive communities is to reach out to those around us.

Created by Dr Jonathon Welch AM, founder of the award winning Choir of Hard Knocks, Social Inclusion Week is about connecting local communities, workmates, family and friends, in order to build and strengthen relationships or networks and address isolation and exclusion of those who may be marginalised. 

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Social Inclusion Week is now delivered and managed by Play It Forward

The Brunswick team are specialists in Brunswick Real Estate. With varying degrees of experience led by the almighty Duncan McPherson this team of real estate agents in Brunswick are well known for their charisma, energy, expertise and unwavering belief in delivering more for their clients. While their home office is Brunswick they traverse the entire footprint of Nelson Alexander and are expert real estate agents in Brunswick East, Brunswick West and surrounds.

Supporting our local Neighbourly Ride opening

Some of the amazing properties sold in Brunswick

The Carlton North team are specialists in Carlton North Real Estate. … While their home office is Carlton North they traverse the entire footprint of Nelson Alexander and are expert real estate agents in Carlton, Parkville, Princes Hill, North Melbourne, West Melbourne

Supporting local community

Supporting the Brunswick launch

Some off the local properties proudly sold by Nelson Alexander

Velo Cycles is a friendly, community-oriented bike store located on the Capital City Trail, one of Melbourne’s busiest cycle paths. We sell a wide variety of bikes, parts and accessories, and provide high-quality servicing for any bike, trike or unicycle you may wheel into the store.

Your local butcher

The Town Meatery has been serving the local Coburg community and surrounds since 2011. We supply quality Meat, to wholesalers and direct to public.

Supporting the local community

Neighbourly Ride Brunswick East launch

In late 2017 a group of health practitioners signed the lease to two buildings on St Georges Rd Fitzroy North. The plan was to create a multi modal medical practice that we would want to go.

No cramped consulting rooms without windows or TVs playing advertisements in the waiting room.  But rather a beautiful space with practitioners and staff that cared for the community.  The premise was to be a practice that housed the practitioners that could help people in a biopsychosocial manner.

With GPs for the main health complaints. 

Osteopaths, Exercise Physiologists and Acupuncturists for aches and pains. 

Psychologists to help with cognitive cartography. 

Massage therapy for the soul.

What we offer

Obviously our priority is to roast and blend beautiful coffees for you to drink and serve to your customers, but that is only the beginning of the range of services that we can provide you with to complement your business. Our sales representatives and deliveries team are experienced coffee professionals, and they are happy to share their knowledge with you or if they can’t help you on the spot, direct your requests to the appropriate department to ensure prompt attention.

We have a team of service technicians to assist you with everything from routine maintenance to emergency breakdowns. Keeping your equipment operating at its best is an important aspect of running a café, and we are here to help you with that.

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